MI-17 Overhaul Group

  • This group was raised in 1984 and since then has accumulated a vast experience o f overhaul and major structural repair of MI-8 helicopters. Since 2 006 the setup was upgraded for MI-17 helicopter. With passage of time comprehensive facility has been established.

  • In order to meet international standards of aviation maintenance, this group is equipped with latest test equipment and infrastructure to overhaul MI-17/171 helicopters. In the recognition of these highest standards, MIL DESIGN BUREAU Moscow Russia has approved MI-17 Overhaul as Internationally certified MI-17/171 MRO facility.

    • This facility is equipped with the latest test and diagnostic equipment for the overhaul of all components of MI-17 helicopter except Engines, Auxiliary Power Unit and Main Gear Box. Systems which can be overhauled at this Group are as under:-

  • Structure Overhaul, Major Repair and Modification
  • Main Rotor Head Overhaul
  • Intermediate and Tail Gear Boxes Overhaul
  • Tail Drive Shaft Overhaul
  • Main and Tail Rotor Blade Repair
  • Hydraulic System Component Overhaul
  • Fuel and Pneumatic system component Overhaul
  • Landing Gears


  • Aluminum tubing bending flaring and end fitting installation
  • Electrical System, Wiring Testing and Repair
  • Standard Avionics of Kazan and Ullan Ude Helicopter Plants
  • Complete Upholstery of Helicopter


This group has performed many modifications on Mi-17/171 in recent years. Modification work includes design of product, prototype of component, proof of concept, manufacturing/ fabrication and finally implementation on helicopter. List of major modifications is as under:-

  • Designing, manufacturing and installation of gun mount on MI-17/171 helicopters.
  • Night Vision conversion of all cockpit instruments, cargo compartment, and external lights of helicopter.