Piston Engine and Accessories Overhaul

Dimension Inspection

  • This section can be rightly called as the pioneer section of Land & Air Technologies. It was established in 1969 for overhaul of Piston Engines installed on L-19 “Bird Dog” Aircraft and OH-13S Helicopter. Later on it was upgraded in 1984 to undertake overhaul of IO-360-A1B6 engine installed on Mushak Aircraft. 1997 was another landmark year for this section when it acquired the capability to overhaul HIO-360-D1A engine installed on Schweizer Helicopter. This section attained prestigious ISO-9002 certification in March 2001. Subsequently, this standard is upgraded to ISO-9001:2000 in June 2004.

Digital Fuel Injector Test Bench

Engine accessories including fuel injectors, magnetos, starters, alternators and other related components are also repaired, overhauled and tested at this facility.

Piston Engine Overhaul Shop

Facilities established at this group include overhaul of the following:

  • ID-360-A1B6 Engine of Textron Lycoming
  • HIO-360-D1AEngine Of Textron Lycoming
  • RSA-5AD1 Fuel Injector of MFI-17 aircraft
  • RSA-7AA1 Fuel Injector of Schweizer Helicopter
  • 0-320-E2D Cessna Engine
  • 0-200A Cessna Engine