Production Support Facilities

Surface Treatment

Essential electroplatting facilities available to maintain and enhance the physical properties and appearance of overhaul components.


High standards of welding processes including the modern MIG, TIG and arc welding techniques are performed as per the requirements of the task.

Paint Shop

Massive painting booth to house an entire helicopter and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to paint helis to different types of skins and patterns.


The Machining facility provides all essential workouts including grinding, turning, drilling, boring and milling and all the peripherals associated to perform these operations.

Non-Destructive Testing

State-of-the-art facilities commonly used for effective non-destructive testing in the aviation industry. SOAP testing and Thermal Imaging facility is also available.


Interior solutions for a prototype helicopter and is equipped with the beneficiary requirements for transformation to every specific class of the helicopter at present.

Glass Re-inforced Plastic

Producing high strength/ light weight multi sized and shaped components for modification purposes of airframes & has a massive contribution towards self-sufficiency.

Precision Measuring and Calibration

Controlled callibration, measuring and testing of gauges and other instruments essential to the avionics maintainence.