PUMA Overhaul Facility

Puma helicopter airframe and component overhaul facility was established in the workshop with the assistance of OEM (Eurocopter) in 1984. Highly skilled, OEM trained technical team, which bears an experience of overhaul, life extension inspections and major repairs of Puma helicopters is the mainstay of this section

OEM supplied structure alignment jigs installed here give us the capability to perform intricate structure repairs conforming to OEM standards. In addition to structure repair and overhaul, other allied facilities set up in this section are

  • Airframe life extension inspections
  • Helicopter landing gears repair
  • Autopilot hydraulic block repair
  • Helicopter systems installation
  • Helicopter air tests
  • Fabrication of composite material and Plexiglas panels

Highly skilled specialists manufacture and repair all types of fiberglass panels, fairings, cowlings. Parts and fixtures. Large size autoclave is used for specialized curing and molding of transparent Plexiglas panels.

Turbine Engine Overhaul Section and Dynamic Components Overhaul Group support this section for the overhaul of engines, transmission assemblies and components.