Trubo Shaft Engine Overhaul

T-53 Overhaul Facility

Turbine Engine Overhaul Group was established in 1985. Some of our finest and most skilled specialists perform overhaul, major repair and testing of turbo shaft engines and accessories in this section. Engines of varied origins and models are overhauled at this facility. Here we have accumulated an experience of overhaul and repair of French origin engines that include Artouste-III B, Turmo IVC engines and American origin engines that include Allison 250C-20 P and T-53 engines. A Universal Test Bed is also installed for functional test of Turbo shaft engines after overhaul and repair.

Balancing Machine

Engine accessories including Fuel Governors, Starting Control Units, Starters, Igniters and various other related components are also overhauled, repaired and tested at this facility. Most of these facilities were established with the assistance of OEM including training and provision of test benches. We are proud to say that some of these facilities have been developed indigenously by our specialists, including fabrication of test benches and development of testing criteria. Electrical accessories of T-53 Engine is one the latest capability acquired by this Group.

Universal Test Bench Operator's Console

Spectrometer Oil Analysis Program (SOAP) Laboratory and Non Destructive Testing Laboratory are the part of Turbine Engine Overhaul Group. Non Destructive Testing Laboratory can perform Magnetic Particle Inspection, Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection, Eddy Current, Ultrasonic Inspection, X-Ray, Boroscopic Inspection and Thermal Imaging using FLIR Camera. MOA-II plus machine is being used for SOAP Analysis of upto 20 elements. Flash point, density, viscosity, oil grade and water content tests can also be performed in the laboratory.